With their new mixtape “The Takeover” just dropping. catches up with NASA Ent. one of the hottest groups from Colorado, to discuss music, fashion and their new movement. Enjoy…… 

Introduce yourselves to people. 

NA: Well, we are NaSa Ent. and we’re coming out of Colorado Springs.

Nasa how’d you come up with that name?

NA: Nasa to us means being something mysterious, something new and different. Space itself is a crazy place, Noone really knows whats out there and there’s always something new to learn about it.

Where yall from? 

NA: The group started and stay in Colorado Springs but one of our artist is in Kansas. But he’s from Florida. The rest of the crew was born in raised in Colorado.

Colorado, is not really known for its hip hop scene. Do you find it hard to get respect from other regions? 

NA: It’s hella hard! Especaially with the music we make. It’s not so much hip hop. It’s a new type of sound, It’s extra hard. Alot of people doubt us but slowly we are turning them all into believers lol. It’ll take time though.

To follow that question. Do you  feel you might have a advantage since the so called mainstream may overlook you?

NA: It depends what way you look at it. We could have a huge advantage but in today’s society “we” don’t accept “differences” very well. I think that’s why we haven’t blew yet. The people that really have an “open ear” love. It’s the narrow minded people that don’t.

What is Nasa bringing to the table thats different from other groups? 

NA: Like i said we have a really diffenrent sound, but at the same time we can still have the typical hip hop vibe. We found that with a diffent sound opens bigger fan base.

Lets switch gears, How’s the fasion scene up there what brands you rocking? 

NA: Anything fresh really but right now the big thing we are messin with is snap backs.

So what’s popping for Nasa in 2011? 

NA: We got “The Takeover” mixtape from Marsz dropping this month. We got DeeJay’s mixtape dropping March. We just just dropped JB’s “Captain of this Cloud” mixtape. We starting to get hella shows. Also a collaboration t-shirt line, Swagg Dreamz. There’s alot on our plate this year.

Of course, I know you going be on that Jeans & Sneakers EP for Fly Mutant I hope?

NA: Oh Fashody! Why not?? Just let us know!

How can the people reach NASA, twitters etc?

NA: and our twitters: @gmarsaywhat, @rickyfmannn, @jbislive, @d_jaynasa and on facebook, Jbislive. 

Shout outs?

NA: All the fans we got! Much Love! Fly Mutant for sponsoring us and being there from the get go. for posting everything we send and supporting us. Last but not least, Vikk Fury, Tim (timeless) Wright and NYCFLORUS.

One of the most underrated producers in the south, Culprit C.A.D.O.N has been steady building an a strong catalogue of music for over a decade now. With production on the smash hit “Chain Hang,” mixtapes and his own album, He’s now ready to get the shine he deserves. FM sits down with him for part 1 an exclusive one on one to talk music, the business and everything else…

First of all before we get started, Chain Hang is crazy man it’s all over the net too. How’d you get Flip on there?

CC: Appreciate it, what’s so crazy about that beat is I did it in like 10 minutes, nahmean. I got the call from Cassius and was he like “I’m going in wit Flip what cha got?” and I played it over the phone. Cassius was like “I need that, that’s fire!”

Did you expect the response it’s been getting?

CC: Well kinda. When I heard Cassius verse and he killed it, I knew it was hot. But when Flip laid verse on there I knew it was going to take off. You got someone who is hungry and a legend on the same track.

So when did you first get started in music?

CC: Since I was little kid, ya dig. But in 98, that’s the first time I actually laid something down. It was wack (laughs) but at the time we tought it was the ish. The homie O and I had a group, then in 2000 we added S.I.A.H from New Jersey and called ourselves Da Horzmen.

I remember yall had a buzz going back then, Rumor was yall was signing to DEF Jam South what happened?

CC: Stupidity. We opened for lil Jon, was working on the debut album, Label was interested and that’s when stuff started to go south fast. Everybody wanted to outshine the next man instead of working together as group.

Thats not good..

CC: Thats what I’m saying. It started to get frustrating cause I just wanna to make good music but they was worried about stuff that didn’t have anything to do with nothing like our name. Then started to question my style like you should rap about killing, money and hoes. The A&R from Def South was even like wtf our yall doing cause he really wanted to sign us but we couldn’t get it together.

On the production side what was first piece equipment you bought?

CC: Umm, A Yamaha PSR-550, with a floppy disk hard drive. I still got it too. I made a lot of music from that board.

Who are some of the music producers that influences you the most past and present?

CC: Everybody who know me knew I was the Biggest Wu Tang fan back in the day. RZA just made that crack and it was so different too. Let’s see, Kanye West is a genius, The Neptunes, Organized Noise, Dre, Issac Hayes, Havoc, Beats by the Pound, Toomp it’s to many.

Thats a wide varitey of producers, It’s that’s why your music sounds so different?

CC: Yup, I let someone hear something today and his boy said you should make a south banger. I hate that, why I got to limit myself to one a region. I love I’m from the South but music is universal. Open your mind up, I like Gucci but I’m not going to make 2o type Gucci beats just so you’ll like it. It’s always been like that for me, I let the mood and vibe im in dictate the direction of the track.

I feel you that’s how we feel here, It’s like you gotta dumb it down just to get someone to notice.

CC: Exactly! I tried to that and it just didn’t work for me I got to much creativity nahmean.

How has the producer game changed since you have been in it?

CC: When I got started everybody was rapping thats died down a little now everybody wanna be producers and since you can just use a computer now. I think it’s making it hard for the real producers and artist who have real talent to get on.

How bout the net. Do you think thats a plus or a negative?

CC: Its it a plus. You can hit the masses from your crib with just a click. When I got started it was just about radio spins and records sells. Nobody’s buying records anymore so people trying to get money in others ways. I can’t blame them neither but me myself I love music period. I know eventually people will catch up with what I’m  trying to build here.

Come back next week for part 2 of the interview with Culprit C.A.D.O.N.. for music check out

Yup he’s 17 but Don’t let the age fool you. LiL Twist has been putting in mad work for a minute. FM was fortune enough to a get a little time from him for a quick Q and A.

So how did you get down with Wayne and Young Money?

Twist: About 3 years ago, he saw me performing in my hometown. He contacted my manger and we took it from there.

What age did you start rapping?

Twist: I started rapping when I was 7 and I’m 17 now. So, that’s when I realize this is what I want to do when I was 7 years old.

I know you probably have alot but just name two of your favorite musical influences?

Twist: My Big Brother (Lil Wayne) of course and Andre 3000.

On that note, Who are some artist that you would love to work with?

Twist: Andre 3000. I would  love to work with Andre. I would love to meet Andre. Ludacris that’s in the making cause I met him for the first  during Spring Break (MTV) and he likes my music so he’s going to work with me. I would also love to work with Jay-Z.

Andre and Jay. Can’t be mad at that. Lets talk fashion for a second, What brands are you rocking?

Twist: Supra and Adidas. A lot of different companies send me stuff too and when it’s time to get fancy that’s when I bring out the Louie and Gucci.

Name something you would be caught dead wearing?

Twist: Skechers and FuBu.

Besides the Young Money stuff, What does Lil Twist have going on for 2010 and near future?

Twist: I’m working on Tv shows. I’m working alot with Cartoon Network and other line clothing opportunities that I get and more movies. I just did a movie with Bow Wow and Ice Cube called “Lottery Ticket”.

We all know about Lil Wayne situation, How important is it for you and the rest of Young Money to keep the momentum going while he’s locked down?

Twist: It’s very important man and its crazy because all of us our separated right now because all of us are doing our own thing and then we come together and do our thing as a whole. Everybody is holding their own. Drake, of course yall see him. My sister Nicki, of course yall see her, she killing it. Tyga and I are coming with albums this year and Gudda Gudda is killing the mixtape scene. We gotta be strong enough to keep the name Young Money as brand going before he gets out cause once he gets out we’re going be harder than we’re before. Including with The Cater 4 dropping.

Whoa, Carter 4? When’s that dropping?

Twist: We don’t know the date yet but all I can say is I heard it all and yall wont be disappointed.  Also, all I can say is I’m on it..

With a unique style and hot music. The H.A.W.G.S are in the forefront of the new generation of West Coast hip hop. FM catches up with H.R from the H.A.W.G.S for quick a chat.

What’s good Homie?

H.R: Life (lol)nahh but im just going over my parts from the studio last seeing where i can better myself.

I see yall heavy on the internet right now,fam.

H.R: Yes we’re getting a lot of love on the twitter scene and myspace and all the love is highly appreciated. We like to see them happy about our music.

The Hawgs? What’s the meaning behind that name?

H.R: Hella Attitude & We Have Swagg . We’re all from different locations throughout Cali so its kind of like you’ll find something different in all of us.

Introduce yourself and the rest of the members.

H.R: Myself H.R. stands for He Raw, old soul of the group . BSoopa,future super producers, raps and sings. JDub, the comedian of the group and it shows in his adlibs he’s too creative. Peanut the youngin of the group incredible swagg high expectations for him. Plus a few more that are HSB affiliated.

There seems to be a lot of new music coming from Cali right now. What would you say sets you apart from other groups like the College boyz, New Boyz and others?

H.R: They are doing their thing with a strong fanbase the whole nine but we ourselves aren’t into the whole jerking fad . Our goal is to bring actual music back to Cali.

I feel you on that one. Actual music, the game is missing that. Ok lets talk fashion, What brands are you rocking and whats popping right now?

H.R: Well right now The Hawgs favorite brand is Fly Mutant. Their style is dope and great ideas for Tees  fits us. As far as shoes it would have to be Nikes. For tees what’s in right now is Crooks & Castles they’re dope. I wear a lot of Lucky shirts botton ups will always be in and cargos always go as well.

Since we’re on the subject of fashion how did you first come across Fly Mutant?

H.R: Met the homies through myspace. A lot of folks send music to listen to and clothing lines to check out but I actually hit Fly Mutant up. The clothes just caught my eye. We were just starting out and they were just staring out so it was only natural that we networked.

True. So what can we look forward to from the Hawgs this year?

H.R: The Hawgs dont believe in 2012 so were looking forward to this being our decade. So as of this year we are gonna be putting in a lot of work. We also have a wonderful manager crew that I believe will have us on the scene around summer time.

I know you be tweeting. Give the people the twitter so they can follow the Hawgs.

H.R: Hawgs twitter is @TheHawgs but we really don’t get on too much since we have our own personal twitters. My twitter is @Rawdiculous follow me and ill be more then happy to introduce you guys to the rest of the crew.

Any Shout-Outs?

H.R: #HSB De’Nyce J-Dee Mars B.Bankz . BC Decadez and the rest of The Local Celebrities. Shout out to all the homies from the Home Town Bakersfield . Moms I love you lol and to all the fans showing love we promise to never stop.

the rest of the Hawgs twitter pages: BSoopa @BSoopa, JDub @TweetOnHerFace, Peanut @PButtaFoo…
check out The H.a.w.g.s music at the Music Page..

One of Tennessee most talented mc, rapper Cassius Brix takes time out of his busy schedule to have an exclusive  sit down to talk about music and fashion.

What’s going on fam, What’s good?

Cassius: Grinding keeping my head above water.

For those who don’t know tell’em who you are and where you reppin from?

Cassius: Cassius Brix Tennessee

Cassius Brix that’s different, how did you come up with that name?

Cassius: Cassius is a legendary black name. It was Muhammad Ali birth name before he joined the Muslim Nation. Brix is where the struggle always lives after we’s the projects. A lot of projects were torn down. No body care about us that’s why I strive to make it, and put the weight on my back by carrying such a strong name with many reasons.

True that they don’t care bout us, Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

Cassius: I was always a fan of Master P, UGK, Playa Fly, Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dog, Eazy E, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Tupac, Biggie on the Rap/Hip Hop era. My mother is a soulful strong black woman and my grandfather listened to Blues. My mother played Mary J. Blige, Betty Wright, Aaliyah, Adina Howard, and mixtures of my grandfather music..artists such as Johnny Taylor, James Brown, Al Green, Prince, R.Kelly, and many more. This is where I get my skill from.

People be sleeping on P, you had to respect his hustle he opened up doors for the south and of course the beatiful late Aaliyah my dream girl. Sigh, I miss her so much.

Both: (Laugh)

My bad, that happens every time Aaliyah is brought up. Who are you feeling in the rap game right now?

Cassius: T.I., Styles P, Jadakiss, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Young Money. I listen to what most people listen, but I like underground music. That’s where the real talent is and nonfiction music.

What would you say is the  status of hip hop in Tennessee right now?

Cassius: We have a lot of talent. Tennessee is the Home of Blues, Memphis,TN. Yo Gotti, Young Buck, Starlito, Cassius Brix, Paper, & Young Grenade are hot right now. We have rappers that’s been in the game from TN. Pistol & 3 6 Mafia as well.

So if we could switch gears for a second how did you first come across Fly Mutant Clothing?

Cassius: I saw a picture of you with Biz Markie on facebook. Biz was holding up a FLY MUTANT shirt with a marshan and his face was on the marshan’s shirt. I thought it was creative, and I wanted to be a part of the movement. I’ve been rocking with you since the beginning!

You’ve been all over the FM brand from shows to Ads, How does if feel being the face of Fly Mutant right now?

Cassius: I want to be the face of everything positive! It feels good to be in motion, happy, and helping other people. Also, check out and type “Cassius Brix” in the search query. Fly Mutant pictures, interview, and my music is posted.

Yeah mane I appreciate the love, ya dig. you always keep it 100 with us and visa versa. You was rocking with us since the beginning when no one else would.

Cassius: No doubt. It’s all love brother.

2010 is going to be a breakout year for us, what do you have cooking up for the new year?

Cassius: Right on! Every day is a grind fam. Each year I learn more and make a bigger progression. I get into new things and movements. Hopefully, FLY MUTANT & I will take off!!!! I do music, produce, write songs, model, computer engineer/program language. I’m a jack of all trades.

We also hearing you’ve been working with the hottest underground producer in the game right now, Culprit C.A.D.O.N. Desrcibe the process of working with him?

Cassius: He’s a cool, humble, helpful, and down to Earth guy. Everything has been good. We both grind & when we are free to do business we make magic happen! That’s my dude right there! Holla back at me fam…I got work to do! WE ARE GOING TO KEEP GRINDIN! Stay Tuned…1

I Hear he cooking up some crack as we speak, Hey it’s been a pleasure fam, peace and love

Cassius: No doubt…