David Vaninche special edition Tee

To commemorate 10 years of David Vaninche will be releasing limited edition stuff each month. This month its the kids favorite Tyler from The Tyler’s Children Book Series. Notice what he’s rocking…..

Available only at Redbubble.com!
Buy Here


C.A/FM collab series

We’ve been working real close with Famed underground artist/graphic designer , C.A. C.A. blessed us with limited edition custom kicks that we will be bringing out in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the first one modeled by the lovely FM Gurl, AG.

Stay turned for more and check out his art at the art page.
And theres still couple months left in winter so……………………

cop one of these just saying.
New online store coming soon but check the store out now pretty please.

Snowed In with Hector…

Well if your living anywhere in the southeast, except Florida, like me you’ve probably been snowed in last few days.
I must say it hasn’t been that bad though when you got Ps3, Champagne and a good friend like Hector Jenkins to pass the time.

Music Wednesdays With DNB

Music Wednesday’s is Back and we got the first interview of the year with Huntsvilles own, DNB.
Fm chops it up with them as they talk about hip hop in the ville and upcoming projects.

Also shouts out to HZ Media for filming and editing, Check’em out he got the best deal in business card anywhere.
Tomorrow We’ll see what Hector Jenkins™ been up to.
Then Friday WE will unveil our new member to the  Fly Mutant Team.
Smell You Later…..

New Year, Same Hustle

To commemorate 10 years of David Vaninche check out this special release tee only available at redbubble.com

and the homie Cassius Brix dropped of a new video shot  by the good people at Hz Media.

And then reupped up on these…..

Also the update DVA site should be up the end of the month including Jeans & Sneakers.
We trying to get it this year, Ya Dig…..