Yo whats good. Schools back so its time to get fresh again and we the people you should come see. We just put the final touch on the fall season and we ready..Heres a little something

Also we now have a new button that goes to Redbubble.com. Redbubble has always showed us so we got super exclusive joints that you can only cop from them and nowhere else like the Where’z Waldo tee thats been getting major buzz.

So look for that rebbubble stamp thats means its exclusive……..


Where’s Hector® in Cali..

What’s up people, First of all we like to say sorry for not hollering at yall for so long. But fret not it was for a reason lets just say we made a major move, nahmean. Including a trip Cali with Hector and the FM Crew.

Far Left the Homie J.E and photographer I. Ward, C.A was somewhere probably the can..

We bi-coastal now, peace to everyone we got mad love out there more than we do here which kinda sucks but that’s another story..
More from the Cali Trip next week, Check the store out when u get a chance….