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New ready for the summer, We have the New Waldo’z tee. Now this is a Redbubble exclusive meaning you can only copped them from Their only sale for a limited so get’em now.

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Hectors Back…..

We usually do Music Wednesday but bump that its about Hector Today since we haven’t seen him in a minute. One of our homie’s (shouts out Sonny) bumped into him in the “A” over the weekend at Lenox Square shopping ……….

and shopping some more at C.A favorite mall NorthLake…..

and a bunch of other places around the area.

anywho there’s more from that trip but we gonna just let it simmer for a moment. Its too much Hector to digest in one Sitting….

Music Wednesday

I remember when I first heard Jezzy, My mans Sonny was bumping Trap or Die I was like “Who This?” he was like “Jezzy!” Trap or Die 2 out now, so today its all about that ya dig..

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