Music Wednesdays with Culprit C.A.D.O.N

This week we got the homie Culprit C.A.D.O.N. Now this one of the most underrated producers not just in Huntsville but any where. Dude a vet too over a decade in the game. You heard all the heat he’s been giving Cassius Brix, lately?.. Plus he rap and write songs, bottom line he’s highly slept on.
The acclaimed mixtape from the I can Flow series with new joints. 3 years old but still a classic

Listen Here and Download at

also checkout this

people down here don’t Like it and all I’ll I can to that is you DON’T like good music…..

Joints to check for: I wasn’t ft Cassius Brix and Million Dollar Baby
We’ll have an exclusive sitdown with him next week so lookout for that...
and one more thing make sure yall come out to this….

Cause David Vaninche and Fly Mutant is in the Show ya dig. Plus it’s EVA………………


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