Music Wednesdays

This week we will be debut the new song from Cassius Brix featuring the Freestyle King himself Lil Flip and its produced by the most slept on producer ever, Culprit C.A.D.O.N. This is a Fly exclusive so remember where you heard it first….

Listen HERE

New Mixtape dropping in two weeks……….


Hector in the City

Another Busy week for us again. 2 shows in one week, we getting it in ya dig. Anywho, we had the rare privilege of chilling our friend Hector..

This week we will be getting at yall more often we promise. See u tomorrow. smell u later..

Music Wednesdays R.I.P Guru

Us being from the South and the fact we are true HiP HOP heads is rare, so when I got the news Guru from Gang Starr died I was like dang. Now even though he’s not regraded as a top 5 mc, he rode Premos beat so wavy. R.i.p Here are some of my personal favorites..

The H.A.W.G.S in Fly Mutant

Yo what’s good people.  The homies from Cali, The H.A.W.G.S just hit us with some of pics from their recent album cover  photoshoot. Yup, notice all that Fly Mutant clothes their rocking, Dopeness. Good Looking out! Album dropping next month…

Also we have been getting alot of responses and people asking where they can cop The E-Man Tee. So for a limited time only you can cop them exclusively at REDBUBBLE.COM

Click HERE

Music Wednesdays with Culprit C.A.D.O.N

This week we got the homie Culprit C.A.D.O.N. Now this one of the most underrated producers not just in Huntsville but any where. Dude a vet too over a decade in the game. You heard all the heat he’s been giving Cassius Brix, lately?.. Plus he rap and write songs, bottom line he’s highly slept on.
The acclaimed mixtape from the I can Flow series with new joints. 3 years old but still a classic

Listen Here and Download at

also checkout this

people down here don’t Like it and all I’ll I can to that is you DON’T like good music…..

Joints to check for: I wasn’t ft Cassius Brix and Million Dollar Baby
We’ll have an exclusive sitdown with him next week so lookout for that...
and one more thing make sure yall come out to this….

Cause David Vaninche and Fly Mutant is in the Show ya dig. Plus it’s EVA………………


So if you’ve been on the Art page you may have noticed the work of the talent underground artist/designer C.A.

But he’s so much more. He’s also a graphic and web designer and runs his on multi-media company, HZ Media.. The Homie has been in high demand as of late. So if you need some custom art, photo retouching, etc. Hit him at he does it all.
Anywho, we caught Hector over the weekend at A&M trying to get in the girl dorms, smh

I’m not hating but all the girls love him like a young AL. B. Sure. Check out more at Where’s Hector and Come back 2morrow for Music Wednesdays….

Hector in the Projects

We Spotted Hector in the infamous Council Court Projects. Now if your not from Huntsville these were part of the original projects in the city. Quick history listen bout my city: Norwood, Council Court, Lincoln and Meadow Hills (missing some others cant think right now)  were what the homies up North call Da Bricks.

Don’t worry bout Hectors safety. He’s highly respected in every Hood. While we stayed in the car with the doors Locked……

Music Wednesdays

Yo whats happening nephew you know today is right? Yup, Music Wednesdays this week we are going to keep it local, nahmean. First up is G-Side I think they made this in Norway..

Live Performance The Hood the is Mine

Then we got the homie Jackie with kid cudi. Rolling Remix

then we got this, it doesnt have anything to do with anything. I just came across it, Yaozer!

Check the store out we steady getting new stuff ya dig…

Where’s Hector and other stuff

This week Hector was spotted in Athens with the Homie Clova from the rap group G-Side. If you never heard of them just Google “G-Side”.

They said he was there for a photo shoot. After Hector ran off we got some behind the scene shots.

Oh, wait is that a.. I think it is a Fly Mutant Shirt. Good looking Out.

Its been a real busy week. Shoots, Meetings, Interview with Young Money. I dont think yall are respecting our Hustle Here, we are grinding! We’ll get up with yall 2morrow ya dig. Go Butler or Duke, either or. Smell you Later