Music Wednesdays with Lil Twist

Yup is the middle of the week homie so you know what that mean, right? Music Wednesdays mane and since we got the interview with Young Money’s own LiL Twist it’s all about him and the crew. Shouts out to Twist he mad cool and got a bright future ya dig.

Check out interview here

Tomorrows Where’s Hector? and Check out the Store, Smell you Later….


Where Hector Be’s/Music Wednesday

Yo what up dew people? Sorry its been a minute but the whole crew been mad busy.Anywho, We didnt know how many people missed Hector the last week till this girl came up and asked, Where is He? So just for you we are doubling up this week. We caught him the other day at his new school, he’s taking up basketweaving..

Also Check the Store out and cop his Shirt..
It’s also Music Wednesday shouts out to the H.a.w.g.s for making it a success.
Today its all about *drum roll please* M.I.A, thanx a lot maria for putting me on to her. Plus she extra sexy, I mean talented and dope.

Remember check the store out, Smell you Later….

Music Wednesday with The H.A.W.G.S

Yo we starting something new here every Wednesday (well maybe every other Wednesday) we will playing music or interviewing up and coming talent from different regions of the country or globe for that matter. This Week its the Homies from Cali, The H.A.W.G.S

We got an exclusive chit chat with H.A.W.G.S member H.R. We’ve been Co-signing these dudes from jump and they are taking Cali by storm. Read Interview Here .
Also you can now listen to Culprit C.a.d.o.ns HOT new mixtape at that

Listen Now

Plus the Homie Cassius Brix at that also

Click Here. Later on

We Know smh…….

We hope you’ve checked the online store out by now. If you haven’t though, here is another piece from the spring collection. The “Mummy Gurl” tee will be available in red and white. Now if you add up all the sneak peaks we gave you, you must concur this spring is going be niceeee…

This weekend FM is going be posted up at The Flying Monkey so make sure yall come thru nahmean..

That will be all

March 9, 2010…..

Yup today makes it 13 years since big died. So today is all about biggie, if you in the whip play some music and if drinking (little early for that) poor out some  for the homie.
on a side note check the store out. Baby Babbbyy…

Hector Jenkins did it…..

Ok so here’s what happened we getting ready for spring and so C.A gets  an idea for a design and comes up with this..

So I wore it this weekend in the A and people was like yo thats hot where can i get one and was like “ my good Sir”.
So Since that happened we decided, even though we are still stacking inventory, to open the store early so at least you can cop a I’M HECTOR JECKINS tee ya dig..

Click the button that says store to your right for all you slow people. (no offense)

Remember some stuff is not available yet cause we are still getting inventory on items