Nice day we’re having, huh. Anywho, how’s it hanging people another week is almost done. I had to go to court today and guess who i ran into…

on another note online store is coming real soon we promise.
Check out this new track from Cassius Brix – All about my chips

Listen Here
and make sure yall come to the fashion Show this Saturday nahmean hosted by Joi Tiffany

We’ll be raffling off David Vaninche Gift Certificates.


Where’s Hector? Plus other Stuff…

After a Long wait we finally found Hector at the Campus of Alabama A&M. Each we he will be some where different so if you see him tell him he stills owes me money! Check Out more at Where’s Hector page….

Also FM was on the set of the Jackie Chain video and from what I seen its going to be real dope, nahmean shots out Jackie, Baller’s Eve and big homie Chasing Concrete….

and speaking of Music, Underground producer Culprit C.A.D.O.N mixtape dropped the other day and its’s straight fire…. the homie Cassius Brix is on there too. Check it out it’s Free 99 as Mr.West said. I’ve been bumping all day AND it’s all over the net.




Another Spring Preview……

Yo we told yall each week we would give you a sneak peak of the spring line so here’s another one nahmean…..
Marvin (Da Mutant) Walrus Tee

Ok So I’m Watching The new 8Ball & MjG video, who by the way are legends in my book, and I see a familiar scene.

This is one of my favorite spots that I always thought would be a dope spot to do something with great minds think alike i guess. Here’s some pics I took last year

and the video the homie C.A posted earlier if you recall. Just saying…

Tuesday Night….

Yo what’s happening people its been a few days, sorry. Anywho, last night we hanged with big homie from at BenchWarmers II. B.O.B was in there for a brief second and I mean Brief. Shouts out to dude rocking them Fly Mutant Sneakers though….

We also ran into the homies D.n.B and Young Buddy be on the lookout for them they talented and got some hot music nahmean…

Speaking of Music Our Homie, Culprit C.A.D.O.N is dropping some new Music called the Remixed Tape this Friday so get ready…..

And Like we said before the Official Online Store is Coming this Spring, Smell Ya Later…