It’s A Wrap….

Yup the year is over not just the year though the whole decades over. Dang, I thought we would be in spaceships by now. Back to Future 2 was totally off. Anywho we at Fly Mutant had a pretty good year  we  had a bunch of fashion Shows including a big one in the GumP.

Mutants Against B.E.T.H took off. the site has got 200000 plus hits in less then 3 months.

The Fly Mutant Spring Line launched to good reviews, clothes been selling, yup Its been a good year could have been better though thats whats 2010 is for. This Year We Are Coming at your neck literally so be prepared. Starting off With the Anti-Herb campaign and the Official Official Online Store in Feb. we getting it In!

Shouts out to all the  B.E.T.Hs, local Stores and online who passed on Us including Karmaloop the motivation was needed. Big up the Homie Chasing Concrete, Culprit C.A.D.O.N, LoztWorld Ent. Jimmy Heartbeat, The H.A.W.G.S from Cali, Cassius Brixx S.Killa, Sonny Redd and everyone else who’s down. Also, welcome home the homie Shyne (highly underrated)

R.I.P M.J and Eric Hawkins we miss you homie…

LaHeim and Viva Le Mutant


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